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Anxiety & Allergies

Acupuncture has changed my world. I have been working with Kyla for 10 years now and she is truly amazing. Kyla is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture, nutrition, allergy elimination, and herbs. She relates to her patients so well! Kyla is wonderfully charming and makes acupuncture fun!


Kyla has helped me a lot with anxiety and keeping my immune system strong and allergy free. I go for weekly acupuncture with Kyla and am so grateful for all that she does. She is able to identify systemic issues and address them and keep me feeling strong, calm, healthy and happy!

If you haven’t worked with Kyla, you are missing out- Definitely make the time to meet with her!


P. R.



"Struggling with fertility is not an easy path to navigate through. It is very stressful and emotional and can really take a toll on   every area of your life. I tried to get pregnant for 3 years and went through one IVF procedure and countless IUI cycles. I began seeing Kyla for acupuncture twice a week when I felt frustrated and hopeless. Seeing Kyla for acupuncture throughout the process was so incredibly helpful. Not only with boosting results through treatments, but managing my stress level and overall health. She knows how to read your body so well and knows just what you need each session. After having a successful pregnancy, I still see Kyla for acupuncture treatments to help keep my body in check and manage stress and everything that comes with postpartum as well! My husband began seeing Kyla for migraines and high stress and no longer experiences migraines! We love acupuncture and are so happy to be parents today!"



General Health & Wellness


Kyla is a life changer. She is one of the absolute best acupuncturists I have ever been to. She is kind and attentive. She creates a partnership with her patients to ensure a common goal is met. I recommend her to everyone who asks me about acupuncture.


- Rachel L.

Pain Relief

Kyla is the greatest! I have seen Kyla for almost 10 years now for any assortment of issues including headaches, muscle pains, support for a herniated disc, plantar fasciitis, sinus and colds etc. I have seen other acupuncturists who can't compare to her work. She legitimately cares about her patients, is comprehensive, responsive to individual needs, and spends the time to accurately treat a person. She is a skilled acupuncturist with a wealth of knowledge! She is my go to person, always! I give you my highest recommendation! I am a real patient!


- Liz C.

Headaches & Fertility

I have been seeing Kyla for 10 years now. I used to get really bad headaches about 1-2 times per week and since seeing her regularly they have become non existent, except for maybe 1or 2 a year! I see her once a week to keep things in balance and she has helped me with everything from getting pregnant to relieving stress. I highly recommend Kyla and the services she provides.

-D. DeLong

Cancer Recovery


Kyla is absolutely amazing. She is simply the best in the field. She has used cupping to release muscles aches and pains. I am a cancer survivor so I have lots of issues to deal with, Kyla makes me feel like a queen with her gentle touch and loving demeanor. Wouldn't go anywhere else!


- Abby B.

General Health


By far the best acupuncturist I have ever seen. She is knowledgeable and intuitive beyond measure. I often come in with vague complaints and she pinpoints the causes immediately. Overall, I feel more balanced emotionally, energetically and internally. Her office is conveniently located (with lots of parking) for those of us who don't want to go into Cherry Creek or downtown Denver.


- Melissa D.

Kyla is incredible, I've continued seeing her for about 4 years now for problem areas (that seem to disappear either while I'm there or hours after I leave), as well as wellness check ins at least once a month! She was kind and patient with my needle fear ( which no longer is a thing). She's a great conversationalist, but sometimes when I'm just too tired to converse she will allow the amazing environment, with dimmed lighting, ambient music, heated bed, heated foot lamp, etc., take over. I've recommended friends and family, including my mother, that see her pretty frequently now. She is highly educated with years of experience and I always look forward to seeing her!


- Amy G.

Women's Health


Kyla is a magical lady! She takes her time to get to know 'you' and develops a process with you to get you back on track. I had an  issue with my monthly cycles when trying to get pregnant and after much work, my cycles came back! (mixed blessing, i know:) Kyla knows what she's talking about and is patient with you until you understand the reasoning behind her course of action. Whether its your first time getting acupuncture or your thousandth,  Kyla is the only provider that you'll ever need!


- Sharron B.

Lipoma Healing


To anyone reading this, my name is Kate and before I met Kyla, I was a person suffering with a very large mass on my shoulder. It appeared very suddenly and would not heal. I felt very afraid and self conscious, I was however determined to have it healed.

I went to six different doctors and no one could tell me what caused my condition. The radiologist said it was not a fatty tumor (lipoma), and five other doctors could not agree as to what the mass even was. Not one of them would take a biopsy of the mass and over the next several weeks I became more and more fearful and confused as to why this was happening to my body.

One day I decided to ask if someone could look at my shoulder and try to help me where western medicine had failed to provide relief from this problem. I was introduced to Kyla. She listened and helped me plan my treatment. She mentioned that she wasn’t sure if acupuncture would work but she suggested we try cupping and bleeding with the acupuncture to stimulate the circulation in the area so that my body could repair any damaged tissue.

I went to her regularly for a few weeks. In that time I saw the swelling in my shoulder decrease significantly. The procedures were intense but not painful and the entire time I was there Kyla ensured that I was never in any pain or uncomfortable.

I would have never believed that a few treatments or one person could do so much to help me. My shoulder is now almost completely healed and I have one treatment left. I would heartily recommend both Kyla and her treatments to help heal possible lipomas and masses that can form on the body. Kyla helped me not only feel better but she gave me the confidence to trust my awareness of my body and be an active participant in my treatments. She is amazing at her job and I hope if you are reading this you try her treatments. She really helped me.


- Kate M.

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